Yes, we are still on!!!!  You can’t hold a great expo down forever!!!  Nashville Exotic Pet Expo returns October 2-3, 2021!!!!
Now, with that being said, as of last week Nashville and the Nashville fairgrounds are under a mask mandate for indoor events.  I fully expect this to have repercussions from some of you and from some of the public. Some good, some not.    If you have already submitted an application and been accepted and for your own reasons, health, or beliefs, you choose NOT to vend with us after this news, PLEASE contact me ASAP (preferably by this weekend) and I will remove you from this expo’s vendor list.  No problem.   We are in unprecedented times right now and our main concern is not cancelling this expo, having an accurate vendor list,  and doing what we need to do to hold this show as safe and mandate abiding as possible.  If you are one who cannot mask up, totally understandable,  then cancelling is your only choice and I appreciate your just letting me know ASAP and hopefully we will see you next April 9-10, 2022.  Thanks in advance for your understanding of this.  

Please scroll down to find the guidelines for our expo and the easy online vendor/exhibitor application to come join us in Nashville!  Fill out the application then click on SUBMIT!  You will then receive an auto reply if your submission was successful. Contact the expo chairman for methods of payment or if you have any questions.  Welcome to Nashville, Ya’ll!

Many questions will be answered upon reading the guidelines entirely.  Many of these guidelines may affect your set up and sales.  If you have any further questions after reading these, please click the Contact Us tab above and send us your question so we can assist you further.

How do I become a vendor at the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo? 

The vendor/exhibitor application is able to be filled out and submitted from this site.  Just scroll down and after reading the guidelines the online application will appear right after.  Fill out and click on submit.  Each vendor’s fees vary with your space requests.  All spaces are 10 ft wide X 10 ft deep. The first space is $75 and includes electrical access.   Each additional space will be $60.  If you choose to rent tables from the fairgrounds they are $10 ea. and will be set up in your space when you arrive.  You are allowed to bring your own tables as long as they fit within the spaces you rent. You must provide table covering for all tables you use.  If putting more than one table in a space (limit 2 per space) One can be 8 ft the other will need to be 6 ft to fit in an L shape within the space.

ALL space rental fees do not need to be paid for prior to the show dates but MUST be paid in full BEFORE end of the Saturday of our show unless other arrangements have been made with Expo Chairman.  For those who would like to pay in advance, you may now pay through paypal by filling out application and indicating you would like to pay online.  You will then be contacted and arrangements will be made.  To have your name and vendor listing info published on our website and facebook page, you MUST be signed up at least three weeks BEFORE our expo.  Also, be as accurate as possible on what you will be selling as the public will be looking for particular items/animals by what you have listed.  The more detail you list, the better – such as not just birds, list all the different types too. 

What animals are allowed for sale and what are not? 

All healthy exotic pets (NO DOMESTIC DOGS OR CATS) that are legal to sell and maintain in the state of Tennessee.  All species must be listed on the application for preapproval.  If you have any questions as to whether an animal will be allowed, please check the exotic animal classification link on this page or contact (TWRA) Tennessee wildlife resources agency for further clarification.

All proper permits and licenses must be clearly visible

Nashville Exotic Pet Expo reserves the right to make the final determination on whether any animal, vendor or exhibitor may participate in our show.  If an animal is brought in who appears unhealthy or diseased, is housed inappropriately or in unsanitary conditions, is illegal in Tennessee, or for which you do not have proper permits, you will be asked to remove that animal from the premises.  Representatives from the USDA & TWRA have been known to visit our expos, each vendor will be responsible for knowing and following their regulations.

Vendor Cancellation? 

If you have booked a space at our show and find for any reason you must cancel, you must do so no later than 8 AM the Monday before the show. Full refunds will be available till then.  Vendors canceling after that date may risk losing their rental fees.  No Shows will receive no refunds and will be required to pay for reserved spaces as well as prepay in full for all future shows. Individual circumstances will be taken into consideration.

How will I know where to set up? 

Upon arrival at the Nashville Fairgrounds, you will see signage directing you to the correct building.  Enter building and look for our information booth.  There you will check in, pick up your vendor badges (which double as your vendor parking cards) , and then you will be told where your space is located.

Nashville Exotic Pet Expo is a NO WHINE ZONE!!!!  We will try to honor requests but we reserve the right to place your booth in a location beneficial to our layout and your surrounding product availability.  Preference will be given to vendors who pay in advance and reserve first.

In an effort to make our show more attractive and clean, ALL tables whether rented from fairgrounds or provided by you will be required to have a tablecloth cover/skirt.  You must supply your own tablecloths.  All vendors and exhibitors are to keep their own area and surroundings clean, trash free and swept up.

When can I start setting up? When is the show over? 

Our staff cannot get in the building till Friday afternoon.  We must complete our staff setup before vendors will be allowed in.  Vendor set up time is Friday, from 1 PM till 7 PM then early Saturday 7 AM till 9 AM before the show opens to the public.  The show’s advertised hours run from 9 AM VIP opening, then to the public 11 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 9 AM VIP opening, then to the public 10 AM to 4 PM Sunday. Vendors are strongly encouraged not to be late or leave early either day. IF vendors for any reason must leave early (such as total sellout of product), they must get approval from the expo chairman. Their booth must be clean and tablecloths remain on vacant tables along with a supply of exiting vendor’s business cards and/or brochures at each table vacated.

My animals require a warm environment, can you guarantee that? 

Our exhibit hall is large and can be drafty in certain areas. Please plan ahead by supplying a heat source if necessary and a means of blocking any drafts. We will do our best to accommodate you but keeping the crowd comfortable may be too cool for some exotics so make arrangements to keep your animals in a temperature controlled habitat if necessary. Make sure you request electric on your application if needed as it has to be preplanned to supply requested areas.

Can I allow the public to handle my animals? 

Vendors/exhibitors who choose to remove their animals from their habitats or allow the public to handle their animals will be responsible for controlling their animals at ALL times. Each vendor/exhibitor is exclusively liable for any damage to property or personal injury resulting from contact and/or handling of their live animal.

Each vendor/exhibitor will be held responsible for exhibiting their animals in safe, secure and attractive habitats. Nashville Exotic Pet Expo will not be responsible for ANY escapes of your animals. Each vendor is responsible for recapturing any escaped animals without unreasonable disruption to other exhibitors or guests.

Vendor Space & Pricing

All spaces are 10 ft wide X 10 ft deep. The first space is $75 and includes electrical access.   Each additional space will be $60. If you choose to rent tables from the fairgrounds they are $10 ea. and will be set up in your space when you arrive.  You are allowed to bring your own tables as long as they fit within the spaces you rent. You must provide table covering for all tables you use.

Vendors/Exhibitors Registration:

Due to the Covid mandates our 2020 expos for Spring and Fall were both cancelled and now the fairgrounds has cancelled our Spring, 2021 show.  Our expo is one of their largest shows and they will be remaining closed to large indoor shows till summer of 2021.   Though disappointed we do plan to return for our Fall expo October 2-3, 2021.

With our April 17-18 show cancelled we are now accepting applications for our October 2-3, 2021.  We would love to have you sign up as a vendor by filling out the vendor application below, the sooner you sign up, the better your chances of getting in.   After filling it out, click on the submit button and you will be contacted by our show manager about your acceptance.   We are only accepting animal related vendors so please do not submit an application if your business is not animal related.

Thank you

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