Q)  Can I bring my exotic pet with me to the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo?

A)   You are invited and encouraged to bring your exotic pets with you to the expo as long as they are healthy, safe and comfortable around crowds.   We also encourage you to be a teaching source for others who may be considering acquiring a pet like yours.  Experience is the best teacher so please talk to people who may ask you questions about your pet and answer them truthfully and share your personal experiences.  Education is a priority with our expo and you are one of our great sources of information.

Q)   Can I bring my dog with me to the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo?

A)    You are invited and encouraged to bring your exotic pets with you to the expo as long as they are healthy, safe and comfortable around crowds.   Due to many complaints in the past we strongly discourage you from bringing your dog.  Many of our exotics have a natural fear of dogs and thus we would prefer you leave all dogs at home unless they are truly service animals and are clearly marked as such.   Please make sure you notify the people at the admissions door that you have a dog and show some kind of authentication of the dog’s  service status.

Q)   What is the VIP opening?

A)    Our general admission to the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo is $2 from 11 AM – 5 PM Saturday and from 10 AM – 4 PM Sunday.   We have had problems in the past with people who have traveled a long distance and had vendors sell out of a pet or a product which they had traveled here to acquire.  To solve that problem we have implemented a presale time from 9 AM – 11 AM Sat Plus Sun 9AM – 10AM.   These extra VIP hours have a $10 admission price and include admission both days.  If you are looking for one particular item, if you are wanting to get first choice of anything, if you cannot wait another second for our expo,  if you are short and can’t see over crowds, whatever the reason these VIP extra hours are for you! Remember this event is a fundraiser for the non-profit Nashville Exotic Pet Club. All net profits are donated to animal organizations. Your support is appreciated.

Q)    Where can we prebuy tickets to the expo?

A)     We do not currently offer presell tickets.  Admission will be charged at the door.

Q)     Can we pet the animals at the expo?

A)      Vendors are allowed to set their own rules as to allowing the public to touch their animals.  Many of them do.   Scroll through the pictures on our website labeled Expo Fun Fotos and you will see their is a LOT of fun interaction with the public and the animals we have featured.   There is also interactive Critter Talks going on all day both days and you will be invited to participate in hands on activities there too.

Q)     How can I contact your vendors?

A)     Closer to the show we will be listing our vendors on our website and also on our Facebook page.  They will be listed with all contact info needed plus what products they tell us they are bringing.  We will do our best to keep this accurate but sometimes products change or vendors cancel right before our show but we will do the best we can with what information we are given.