Welcome to NashvilleExoticPet.com    We are a Non-Profit Club in Middle TN that meets right here in Nashville once a month. The Club host the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo twice a year as a fundraiser for our Club. All funds raised are used to support animal groups in Middle TN and surround areas.

THANK YOU! for checking out our sweepstakes to win a Family 5 Pack of Tickets to the Nashville Exotic Pet Expo at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Tickets are good for  General Admission Saturday April 29th from 10am to 4pm   And   Sunday April 30th 9am to 3pm

VIP Entrance 9am on Sat Apr 29th is $5

Be Sure to check out our website before you go! Especially the Expo Foto Fun Page to see pictures from past expos and some really cool critters!

Save the Date, we will have another expo in the Fall October 21st and 22nd 2017

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Terms & Conditions:

We are giving away a Family 5 Pack of Tickets for the Spring 2017 Nashville Exotic Pet Expo, Tickets are good for ONE DAY Saturday April 29th 10am to 4pm OR Sunday April 30th 9am to 3pm.

Must be 18 or older to Enter.
Must Be a US Resident to Enter.
You can Enter from Saturday April 22nd at 8am to Friday April 29th at 12 noon.
You can enter through RaffleCopter. No purchase necessary to Enter or Win.
Winners will be chosen on Friday April 29th After 12noon. Winner will be chosen at Random, through RaffleCopter.
Winners will be notified, through the RaffleCopter widget, Email if provided or FaceBook if provided.
Transportation and Parking are NOT provided.
Winner will attend event at their own risk, and assume all risk, as listed below.


I understand that being in the vicinity of exotic and wild animals is dangerous. I understand and accept any and all of these activities associated with exotic and wild animals expose me to numerous known and unanticipated risks now and in the future which could result in personal injury and other complications resulting from such injury(ies), illness, death, or damage to myself or my property, and other injuries and conditions not named. These risks may increase when I am fatigued, fearful, inattentive, loud, move quickly, or when there are unexpected noise(s) or movement made by me or any outside force whether by man or nature. I also understand that if I am being injured by an exotic or wild animal, there may be no timely rescue. I have read and voluntarily enter the event and I have agreed to assume the entire risk of loss, property damage, illness injury, or death (collectively “losses” now and in the future I may sustain in conjunction with my going near exotic and wild animals, I acknowledge there is inherent danger and are inherent risks involved and I may sustain losses from my participation therein. Pursuant to this release, I voluntarily agree to assume (for myself, my representatives, my heirs and assigns, all such risks, the entire risk of loss, property damage, illness, injury, or death (collectively “losses”), foreseeable or otherwise, and hereby release Middle TN Cage Bird Club Inc, www.NashvilleExoticPet.Com , including: all its volunteers, Board of Directors, Council, and/or the Estate of the club, hereafter referred to as the “Releasees,” whatever the cause, from responsibility for any losses I may sustain. My assumption of the entire risk of any and all losses to me is intended to apply to any and all losses no matter how the loss(es) is (are) caused. My assumption of the entire risk and any losses to me is intended to cover any loss(es) caused by a negligent act(s) or a negligent failure to act.

I release and discharge the Releasees and all persons and entities connected with them from any and all claims that arise as the result of loss, property damage, injury, illness or death to me. My participation is voluntary; I choose to participate in spite of these named and other unnamed risks. I am solely responsible for deciding to engage in this activity, and while participating, for deciding whether to continue this activity. I have carefully read and understand this acknowledgment and assumption of risk. If at any point I change my mind, I am free to leave the property and remove myself and family members.