Middle TN Exotic Pet Club

Middle Tennessee Exotic Pet Club was formerly the Middle Tennessee Cage Bird Club. We are no longer focused just on birds but have expanded to include all exotic pets. We are striving to further the education of our members by the exchange of knowledge, information, and experiences relative to all exotic pets. We invite all exotic pet lovers and owners to join us online and at our monthly meetings the thirds Sunday of each month.

The club was started in 1982 an we are currently rebuilding our club structure. If you or anyone you know has gifts to share as we rebuild the club activities, speakers, events, excursions, or ideas, Please contact our New President Mr. Brendan through the Contact us Link. We will resume our normal meetings on the 3rd Sunday of the month on May 21st Individual memberships are $10 and Family memberships are $20 and are renewed in the end of Jan.

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